Care Tips



Did you know that oral health actually starts with proper nutrition? Proper nutrition begins from the mother long before she conceives. Having excellent oral hygiene starts with having an excellent nutrition lifestyle- which includes those ever important superfoods!

Whatever we put in our mouth will enter our bloodstream so it is vital to eat things that will nourish our body and mouth.  

Make it a daily goal to eat for health. Eat to nourish your whole body, that includes your teeth!


If your lifestyle is filled with copious amounts of coffee, energy drinks, soft drinks/soda, non-herbal teas, alcohol and the like, your oral health will suffer the consequences. Stained teeth isn’t from a lack of whitening products, it is actually from daily nutritional and hydration habits.

Begin to have whiter teeth by changing what’s in your cup and glass! Clean water (be sure it’s been filtered to remove fluoride, chlorine and residual pharmaceutical drugs) is your best choice. Aim to drink your body weight in ounces every day. Switch to organic herbal teas.