Our Story

Aspen Superfood Toothpaste began when our founder, Sarah, was frustrated with the lack of truly safe toothpastes on the market. Even natural toothpastes contain sugar alcohols, glycerin, fragrance and in many brands, fluoride. She was tired of seeing poison warnings on plastic tubes! Something doesn’t have to be swallowed to be toxic; what we put in our mouth is absorbed into our bloodstream. Additionally, knowing how many households around the world contain a toxic substance in their bathroom cabinet and how the ingredients can lead to minor or major health issues, she knew it was time to create a product that would lead to a lifestyle of love, kindness, peace and health!  

So, she went to her kitchen and began mixing a little of this and a little of that to formulate what is now Aspen Superfood Toothpaste! Every time Sarah brushed her teeth, she couldn’t contain her excitement and would share Superfood Toothpaste with her friends! Finally, she knew she had to bring Aspen Superfood Toothpaste to the world and so she began to pursue her calling. Today, you are holding her vision in your hands. Treasure it. Share it with others!

Sarah Stanley Founder

Sarah Stanley is an multi-sport ultra-endurance athlete, wellness educator, speaker and author. Her passion for authentic health, wellness and real organic food is contagious and it's her desire that everyone believe that they too can live a healthy life in mind, body and spirit. Learn more about Sarah and her mission to empower people to build healthy habits by visiting her website and following her on TwitterInstagram and Facebook.